CEMEX SOLID K4 New Line in Philippine Launched Procurement and Construction Package

Release time:2018-11-28 14:22:59

October 18, 2018, CEMEX Philippine SOLID K4 had a launch ceremony for commencement of procurement and construction package for a new clinker line with capacity of 3500tpd.


Mr. Ignacio Alejandro Mijares, the President of CEMEX Philippine, Mr. Ernesto Felix, the Vice President of global operations technology, and Mr. Tong Laigou, the Executive Director & General Manager of CBMI attended the ceremony. His Honorable Gerardo Lozano Arredondo, Mexico Ambassador to Philippine witnessed the Launch.


CEMEX Philippine project’s design started officially on June of 2017, and completely used 3Dtechnology, by now the design is close to the end. While the procurement and construction commenced, the project progresses into a new time. 


General Manager Assistant Mr. Ma Aiguo, Regional Manager Mr. Wang Yuwu, the Deputy Director of Marketing Department Ms. An Longmin, Technical Manager Mr. Wang Zhongcheng and Senior Account Manager Mr. Chi Daliang participated the activity.

CEMEX菲律賓SOLID K4新線項目采購施工正式啟動1.jpg

CEMEX菲律賓SOLID K4新線項目采購施工正式啟動2.jpg

CEMEX菲律賓SOLID K4新線項目采購施工正式啟動3.jpg


Project Designing 3D Schematic

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